The College’s WordPress-based websites now use Single Sign-On (SSO) and support preferred first name.

Single Sign-On Support

The addition of single sign-on support means that if you already logged into another SSO-enabled web application (e.g. Gmail, Moodle, the College Portal), you can log in to WordPress without having to enter your Lafayette NetID and password again. For performance reasons, we don’t automatically log you into a WordPress site when you visit it; you’ll need to click on the site’s “login” link first, which will then authenticate you to the site.

If you don’t already have an SSO session, WordPress directs you to the Web Single Sign-on page to login. As with other SSO-enabled applications, WordPress requires you to use two-step login to authenticate.

A consequence of enabling SSO support is that applications that rely on WordPress’ XML-RPC implementation, such as the WordPress apps for iOS and Android, will no longer work. If you have questions regarding this, contact the Help Desk at 610-330-5501 or

Preferred First Name Support

When you log in to WordPress, your first name is updated to your preferred first name. You can change your preferred first name in Banner Self-Service by following the instructions on the Preferred First Name Policy page.

Individuals’ preferred first names are not updated until they log into the website.