In March 2016 the College’s Calendar of Events got a significant update that restored some old tricks (Add to Webmail, ICS downloads for events) while introducing several ones (Facebook, Twitter sharing, LafSync Integration).

Zimbra Webmail IconIf you’re looking for a quick-and-easy way to add events to your personal calendar, try out the Add to Zimbra Webmail button. Each event has one of the buttons. If you’re logged into the Calendar of Events, clicking on it automatically adds the event to your calendar in Webmail. If you’re not logged in, then the Calendar will prompt you to do so, and then add the event.

ICS File Icon: A small calendar with the acronym at the bottom.If you’d rather do things yourself, you can click on the Download Event button. This will download an ICS file to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. On a desktop computer, double clicking on the file should add it to your local calendar (e.g. Outlook, Mac Calendar). On a mobile device, your phone or tablet should prompt you about adding it to your calendar.

Both of these features were part of the calendar prior to the Web Redesign’s launch in July 2015, but we had to redesign them for use with the new site.

The ability to share events on social media was a long-standing request. The new Facebook and Twitter icons allow you to do that. In both cases the calendar creates a Facebook or Twitter-friendly link that you can share (assuming you’re logged into the service in question). Note that in the case of Facebook, you aren’t creating an event in Facebook; you’re just creating a link to the event on the Calendar.


Learn more about the calendar’s new capabilities.