The Video Program integrates with other content produced by the Communications Division to creatively promote Lafayette’s marketing messages and support student recruitment and fundraising.

The primary audience for most of our videos is prospective students, and the approach is geared to their viewing preferences: typically brief, little or no talking, not a documentary style. Many of our videos are created at 30 and 60 seconds not only because brevity is more appealing to the target audience, but also so they can be used as commercials for athletics broadcasts and venues (see Distribution below).

Other videos are created specifically for the Lafayette community to engender pride and a sense of connection among current students, parents, and alumni. Most often these focus on key events, e.g. Commencement, Move-In Day, festivals and social events, Presidential Ball. These videos resonate emotionally with a lengthier format.

Video Distribution channels:

  • Articles on the Lafayette website
  • Pages on the Lafayette site
  • The virtual tour
  • Lafayette Sports Network TV and streaming broadcasts
  • Jumbotron at home football games
  • Video board at home basketball games
  • From the Hill
  • From the Hill-Special Edition
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Our core video team consists of Toby Maynard, manager of video production; Dave Block ’93, associate director of web and video content; and Chris Knight, a freelancer who contributes on a project basis. The team reports to Kris Todaro, director of web communications. Kathleen Parrish, associate director for media relations, contributes to the brainstorming, background research, and script-writing processes on selected projects.

The following projects are planned to start and/or finish in 2013-14:

  • 2 or more alumni profiles, each highlighting a young, successful alum in an appealing job
  • A high-end video on the engineering program
  • Videos featuring the Williams Visual Arts Building and Hugel Science Center, to be included in the virtual tour
  • A video about undergraduate research
  • A video highlighting campus life
  • A video featuring the beauty of Lafayette’s campus
  • 2 faculty profiles, each focusing on an area of expertise
  • The story of the Marquis de Lafayette and Cur Non
  • A Music Department video
  • Commencement coverage

Other videos may be added as opportunities arise.